Product Description

Non-Shrinkage Grout-73 can be mixed to a fluid, flowable, or plastic consistency requiring only the addition of clean water. Total shrinkage compensation, which provides a maximum bearing surface for the greatest overall support.


  • Rapid power increase to reduce turnaround time for equipment installation
  • Excellent working time at high ambient temperatures.
  • Economical, large amounts of grout can be mixed and handled.
  • Non-corrosive, non-chloride, non-metallic
  • Excellent resistance to freeze-thaw cycling
  • High strength for maximum load bearing

Technical Analysis:

Compression strength
Compressive strength (after 1 days) - > 30.0 mpa
Compressive strength (after 3 days) - > 55.0 mpa
Compressive strength (after 7 days) - > 65.0 mpa
Compressive strength (after 28 days) - > 73.0 mpa

How To Apply:

  • Clean and pre-wet any surface free of grease, oil, or loose particles.
  • Place grout in a manner that avoids air entrapment. Be careful not to overwork the grout and avoid segregation.
  • Make vent holes wherever they are needed.
  • A vibrator, rod, chain, or trowel may be used to assist in consolidating the grout and eliminating air voids.
  • Forms should be sealed to prevent water or grout loss.
  • Whenever possible, bolt holes should be grouted first.
  • Placement and consolidation should be continuous for any one section of the grout.
  • Forms can be removed, and excess grout should be trimmed from surfaces and edges after the grout has hardened to its initial set.


Thickness is critical; the minimum application thickness is 1/2 inches (13 mm) and the maximum is 4 inches (100 mm).


  • Keep the patch damp after the first 24 hours in the final setting stage to prevent excessive loss of water in dry or humid conditions.
  • Cover the surface with wet burlap or a towel overnight to retain moisture.
  • One can even use fog spray at this stage.
  • Remove the cover, leave it up for 24 hours, and let the air cure.
  • Damp curing is not required while repairing small cracks.

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