Ready Mix Super Fine Machine Spray Plaster


Product Description

Ready mix super fine machine spray plaster is a cement based special plaster used for coating the materials on concrete surfaces and increases the strength of the surface. It can be applied at minimum 10-12 mm layer.


  • Reduce rebounding loss.
  • Cracks free wall
  • Providing high compressive strength
  • Smooth Plastering
  • Higher durable plaster
  • Excellent Coverage
  • It has high adhesion strength.

Technical Analysis:

Pull-off strength
Dry adhesion -> 0.30 mpa

Compression & flexural strength (after 28 days)
Compressive strength - cs iv-- >6 mpa
Flexural strength -> 1.5 mpa

Water properties
Water absorption (after 28 days) - ≤ max 0.20 kg/meter2min0.5
Water retentivity -> 95 %

How To Apply:

  • The substrate needs to be cleaned and made free from grease and loose particles.
  • Then dampen the surface with clean water.
  • Add ready mix machine spray plaster to machine hopper with pre-set water demand.
  • Spray plaster to substrate using machine nozzle while finishing with a steel trowel.
  • Apply aluminium level patty from bottom to top direction followed by left to right and right to left direction to level the plaster.
  • Plain plaster wall ready for wall putty application.
  • Post 24-hour curing is recommended for 7 days.

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