Product Description

Micro Concrete-70 is a dry ready mix cementitious based composition formulated mainlyfor used in repairs works when the concrete is damaged, and the area is restricted in movement due to which there is problem in placing concrete.


  • Develops high initial and ultimate final strengths
  • Makes repaired sections highly durable
  • Rapid strength gain to facilitate early reinstatement
  • Can be used as a pumpable or pourable repair concrete where access is restricted
  • Repair of damaged concrete structures e.g., Columns, Beams, Slabs, etc.

Technical Analysis:

Compression strength
Compressive strength (after 1 days) - > 30.0 mpa
Compressive strength (after 3 days) - > 45.0 mpa
Compressive strength (after 7 days) - > 60.0 mpa
Compressive strength (after 28 days) - > 70.0 mpa

How To Apply:

  • Only use a 25 kg bag and refrain from using half bags. Add 3.5-litres of water and not more for mixing.
  • The application surface should be properly cleaned and made free from oil, grease, or loose particles.
  • If used on concrete areas, micro-concrete can be applied to a thickness of up to 100mm.
  • The product has a shelf life of 6 months.
  • Partly used bags should be avoided.
  • Additional water can adversely affect material performance.
  • Curing takes a minimum of 7 days after removing the shuttering.

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