Block Jointing Mortar


Product Description

Master Mix for block jointing mortar to get a superior water-resistant cement based mortar specially designed and manufactured under stringent quality controls to give superior adhesive strength, higher durability and a strong bond between the blocks.


  • Water Resistant
  • Smooth finish
  • Excellent workability
  • Durable base

Technical Analysis:

  • Appearance: Creamy Free Flowing Powder.
  • Composition: RDP, Cellulose, Retarder.
  • Residue on 150 mesh: 90 - 100%


  • Take 25 - 30 ml water for 100 gm powder.
  • It is recommend using one bag of 15 Kg Mastermix for 1 MT batch size finished good.
  • Mixer has to clean or properly flushed to ensure absence of foreign particles & impurities.
  • Addition of Mastermix bags should be in layer form, i.e. Filler+ Mastermix + White Cement & again follow the same addition in sequence.
  • Sequential addition of all raw materials will ensure homogeneous mixing of all chemicals.

Packaging & Storage:

  • Mastermix for Block Jointing Mortar is available in 15Kg bag and has shelf life is 6 Months.
  • Store Mastermix bags in sufficient ventilated area & allowing free movement of air.
  • Keep Mastermix bags away from water.
  • Avoid using partially used material; open bags with partially used material should be kept in a bag with its mouth closed.

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