Internal, External And Super Fine Texture


Product Description

Dry Chem Texture is a decorative product. Its special formulation protects wall from the ill-effects of the weather. It is available in three categories like Internal texture, External texture, and super-fine texture.


  • Good workability and high durability define the products' distinctive feel.
  • It is highly compatible with plastered or concrete wall surfaces.
  • The aesthetic surface finish adds to a heritage feel.
  • Best value for money compared to other acrylic products available on the market.
  • No curing is required.
  • Tough texture for a long-lasting effect.
  • Excellent resistance against the growth of algae and fungi on the wall.
  • Resist dampness on the wall.

How To Apply:

  • Clean the surface with sandpaper, wire brush, or putty blade, removing loose particles.
  • Dampen the surface with clean water. Allow the excess water to drain off.
  • Obtain a lump-free paste by mixing 15-20 % water.
  • Let the mixture rest for 10 minutes for all the additives to dissolve completely.
  • Remix for another 2 minutes.
  • Apply the mixture to the desired patches with the help of a plastic or fibre trowel.
  • Move uniformly across the surface to get the desired texture pattern and uniform levelling.
  • Make sure to use the prepared mix within 30 minutes.

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